Pakistani Hacker Made More Than $150,000 in 2 Years

Pakistani Hacker Made More Than $150,000 in 2 YearsShahmir Amir Pakistani Hacker Made More Than $150,000 in 2 Years

Pakistani Hacker Rated 3rd among the world’s top bug hunters

Hacking is not bad if it is used to the betterment of a software and there are many companies who hire hackers for their software but testing. There are many surveys results available on many sites which are showing the world’s top hackers by countries list.

Pakistani Hacker Made More Than $150,000 in 2 Years

Shahmir Amir Pakistani Hacker Made More Than $150,000 in 2 Years

Dark Reading a cyber security site has declared its listing of World’s Top Bug Hunters.  It rated a Pakistan Hacker, named Shahmir Amir, 3rd in this ranking.  According to news sources a Pakistani Hacker who is a resident of Multan also dubbed the 11th most top rated hacker in the world by HackerOne (a vulnerability disclosure company in California).

Invitation from DefCON

Sharmir Amir’s Invitation from DefCON

Shahmir Amir has made more than $150,000 with his skills and abilities. He earned this money by reporting the bugs in the softwars. He spotted the bugs in many softwares of more than 300 companies around the world including the tech giants like Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn, Dropbox and many more. Learn how to make money online by testing websites. Shahmir Amir made this money in a span of 2 years.

Shahmir Amir's Bounty Craft

Shahmir Amir’s Bounty Craft

Shahmir Amir is currently living in Lahore Pakistan and running his own cyber security startup named Cyphlon with his own team of six individuals, lead by Plan 9 of the Punjab Information Technology Board. He has been invited to Las Vegas to attend the world’s largest hacker convention named DefCON. Shamir Amir should be an inspiration for the new comers in the field of web development. He has used the hacking for the good of people this is called the ethical hacking. His advice to the newbies is that “work to learn, not to earn” is very special. He also suggested a very good thing that one must excel in this and in fact every field when they focus their energies on earning.