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HTML5 Ruby Tag | HTML 5 Ruby Tag Element CSS

How to use Ruby Tag in HTML The support for ruby tag is limited in browsers. The IE8 and earlier browsers do not support ruby tag. The <ruby> tag is supported in Internet Explorer 9+,…

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Word break in HTML | wbr tag in HTML

How to break a word when a line ends? In writing English we commonly use hyphens to break a word apart if we have reached the end of the line. Word break in HTML is…

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HTML bdo tag | HTML bdo dir

What is html bdo tag? bdo tag definition Bdo stands for Bi-Directional Override in html language. Html bdo tag is supported in all major browsers like Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer (IE), Opera and Google Chrome….

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Html lists | List tags in Html5

How to use Html list tags? There are three list elements or tags in HTML language. There list tags are used to display lists in HTML. How the lists are shown in HTML can be…

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How CSS is Applied in Browsers

In the previous post we have explained theĀ 3 ways to use css in html documents. We have explained the inline CSS, embedded CSS and the external CSS. We have tried to explain these through the…

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Pre tag line break | Pre tag in HTML

Why we use the pre (<pre>) tag in html? The pre tag or <pre> tag is use to display the text preformatted text in a browser. It is very useful when you are trying to…

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HTML Quotes | HTML Quotation Marks

What are the HTML quotes? How to use the HTML quotes? Html quotes are used to present data in quotes. They are of different kinds in different languages and by default they are treated differently…