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Learn how to code in HTML with a lot of HTML tutorials. Learn HTML or Hypertext Markup Language for developers., what is HTML, what HTML tags used, HTML codes, examples and many more.

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HTML Codes

Basic HTML codes If you want to learn how to code in HTML you may have some questions in your mind. HTML stands for and what is HTML? Are the main questions about HTML that…

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What is HTML?

HTML Introduction HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is the standard markup language used for creating Web pages and web applications. Every webpage has to use HTML to be shown in a web browser. HTML is a…

html5 elements list

New and deprecated tags in HTML5

List of New and deprecated tags in HTML5 There are many new tags that are introduced in HTML5 and many old tags are removed as well. Today we are going to show the list of…

HTML tutorials

Base Tag in HTML5

HTML Base Tag Example The base tag in HTML is used to specify a base URL for a website’s all relative URLs. The base element in HTML used to set the base URL for the…

HTML tutorials

Types of URLs Links HTML5

Different Types of URL Links | Relative URL There are about 2 different types of URLs in HTML. These are the basic types of URLs: Absolute URLs Relative URLs Document-Relative Root-Relative Protocol-Relative (// Here we…