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Google-Project-AbacusGoogle Project Abacus

Google’s ATAP Director Mr. Dan Kaufman told that at the end of this year a trust API from Google’s Project Abacus will be available for Android developers to use in their projects.


Google Project Abacus

This API will be using Smartphone’s sensors to get the user’s typing pattern, current location, voice pattern and facial recognition as well. User will be able to unlock the device or sign into the application with the help of this API.

The API might not be as good as Google asserts. There are some issues that are in considerations for the developers. The issues are discussed on various plate forms here we have some Tweets about these issues.

There are some other factors that can cause problems. If the facial patterns of a user have changed because of an accident etc. and the speaking pattern as well as typing patterns have changed. What will happen then to this API user?

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