Get Latest News Alerts with Facebook Notify App

Facebook Notify appFacebook Notify app

As you know that the race is on for number one position in the rankings between all the big websites. Facebook is one of them and it wants to engage its users more and more. The mobile app race is growing day by day and new mobile apps with new features are coming every day.

This Wednesday Facebook introduced a new app “Notify” for its large community. It will let user know about latest news with news alerts, weather, sports and some other interesting topics as well. The user will be able to select TV channels such as Weather channel, Sport channel and set notifications. The iPhone users can use this app for free. Now you can Get Latest News Alerts With Facebook Notify App.

Facebook Notify app

Facebook Notify app

Facebook is developing mobile apps for it users to give them more information and fun stuff. Facebook Notify app is going to give you notifications and alerts make you keep in touch with world. It will make Facebook users to spend more time on Facebook rather then watch TV channels for latest weather, sports or news.

Facebook has some partners in running “Facebook Notify App” like CNN, Fox News and Vogue and many more up to 70 partners. They are the famous names of their industries and users would love to see latest news from CNN or Fox News to keep in touch will world.

The best thing “Facebook Notify app” has that the notification can be shared with friends on Facebook. These notifications will appear on iPhones lock screen and all the notifications will appear on Notify feed.