Complete Flexbox CSS Code with Examples

Flexbox CSS Property Code List with Examples Here we are going to discuss a very useful and helpful CSS property called Flex or Flexbox. The flex CSS property is very helpful in ordering boxes in…

Google admits changing phone settings remotely

Google remotely changed phone settings and apologized

Apology from Google after Android phone users complaint about the battery saver setting was activated remotely without their permission. The battery saver affects how often apps update and work in the background. Google told on…

Whatsapp Dark Mode 2018

Whatsapp Messenger New Dark Mode Theme 2018

California: The most popular application ‘Whatsapp’ has started the preparation of ‘Dark Mode‘ feature for the convenience of users. The company decided to change the current theme for those users who feel difficulty while chatting…

9 weird but true facts about technology

9 Weird But True Facts About Technology

9 weird but true facts about technology You can’t disagree with the steady walk of innovation however you can wonder about a portion of the absurdities from the previous couple of decades. Here are some…

what is the meaning of http

What is the Meaning of HTTP

What is HTTP or what does HTTP mean in computer science or networking? HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It is used to transfer different types of files on internet or World Wide Web (WWW)….

how to spot a fake email address

How to spot a fake scam email address

The email scams are getting fame day by day as the types of email frauds in a large number. Now a days the hackers are trying new ways that common people don’t even know about….